By: Brian Linscott

A few years ago, we represented a
home buyer who, in the middle of the under-contract phase, had some bad news. 
They were $5,000 short on their down payment, so, wanting the easiest home
buying process for out client, we offered to personally lend them the rest
of the money. They agreed and we shook hands, however we haven’t seen the money

For three years, we rented out
office space to a man and his friend attempting to start their dream business.
During those three years, they ran into tough times and were struggling to pay
rent. We offered to let them stay if they agreed to pay us back and helped with
the building maintenance. Again, we shook hands, and although they paid back
$5,000 of the rent they owed, it has been two years since we’ve heard from
them, and they still owe around $10,000.

A few weeks ago, we took our Jeep Wrangler
in for engine service. We returned a few days later to pick it up, along with a
bill for $800. A week later, we had to bring it back to the shop because the
engine was still having problems. This time, they couldn’t find any issue and told
us there was nothing for them to fix.  We reluctantly took it back, and a
few days after that, the engine blew, leaving us down a vehicle.

So, the question is Who can you

Our family’s been living in South
Portland for over 35 years and we’re fortunate to have some amazing
relationships with some great people. All these professionals are people we’ve
used personally and that we’re more than happy to refer to you.

Our Mortgage Officers, Home
Inspector, Insurance Agent, Financial Adviser, Attorney, Handyman, Painter,
Doctor, Electrician, Boat Salesman, Dentist, and of course, we trust ourselves
with everything Real Estate related! 

If you’re ever in need of any of
these services, give us a call or send us an email.  We’ll contact the
trusted professional and give them your name, and then we’ll check in with you
to make sure you had the same experience working with these talented people that
we did.

This is such a tight-knit community
and we love finding, and referring, people who are easy to work with and
skilled at their job.  Have we been burned by trusting people in the past? 
Sure, who hasn’t. But that doesn’t deter us one bit from wanting to help our
clients and friends in the future. Melissa and I treat all our clients and
friends with the upmost respect and do everything in our power, whether it’s
helping with a down payment, or mowing a lawn or two, to make the experience of
working with us as positive as possible.